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Report: Postgraduate Writing-up Awards

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Postgraduate Writing-up Awards Final Report

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Award Details

Please note: your final report is due on completion of the writing-up award, three months from the agreed start date of your award.

If the work has not been completed as set out in the application you must provide an explanation as to the reasons why. This must be endorsed by the supervisor in their final report.

To assist with the tracking of manuscripts published and potential publicity of your research outcomes, it is important that you or your supervisor let us know the publication date/s as early as possible.

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Writing-up Process

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Impact Statement

Manuscript Attachment

Please attach below your completed or draft manuscript/s completed during the award period. 

Please label the files clearly and upload documents seperately if necessary. 

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              I have acknowledged the Albert Shimmins Postrgraduate Writing Up Award / David Hay Postrgraduate Writing Up Award (University of Melbourne) in the acknowledgements section of the published journal articles or books.

                Endorsement by supervisor

                Supervisors must provide a detailed endorsement of the report and the work undertaken by the award recipient. Supervisors should note that failure by the candidate to successfully complete the writing up as outlined in the application may impact on future applications from the supervisor's RHD students. This may include, for example, a recipient's failure to complete the work without sufficient explanation, or failure by a recipient to provide a final report and copies of manuscripts completed. Supervisors should ensure that the Faculty is kept informed of the publication dates of submitted manuscripts, with relevant copies or links to the articles provided.

                Please attach this supervisor endorsment below in the form of a letter or email attachment.

                  If you have any questions please contact Please don't forget to press SUBMIT below.

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