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Research Continuity Scheme 2022

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Research Continuity Scheme 2022

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Scheme Objectives

The Research Continuity Scheme will provide funding for Academic staff to maintain research activities that are critical for the execution of a future funding application. The funds are primarily expected to support the activities of Early and Mid-career researchers.

Funding can only be requested if it is necessary to maintain the research capacity that underpins a subsequent grant application, so that the proposed research can be prosecuted if the grant is successful. Examples of activities that are necessary to maintain the research capacity might include the maintenance of animal colonies, or time-series collection of field or experimental data where a break in collection results in loss of past research. This loss of research capability is distinct from a delay in research outcomes.

Conditions of this funding will be that a national competitive grant proposal must be submitted in the first available round, and that funding be requested only for activities that prevent the loss of research capability.

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